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Regina Apis
Vital statistics
Position Antagonist
Age  ???
Status Alive (possibly)
Physical attributes
Height 1,68 centimeters
Weight 52 kilograms
Measurements Not specified Not specified Not specified

Appearance Edit

She is a tall slender woman with silver hair tied in a Rita Repulsa-like hairdo with excess hair in twin tails. She also wears a long gown with transparent bee-like wings on its back.

Manga Bio Edit

Regina is the leader of the Dinasty and master of the three heavenly queens and Meine Liebe. A very skilled sex technician having mastered all the world's sexual techniques, with the inabily to reach her climax. In the past, she put Queen Flora in a deep frozen sleep out of jealousy and got ahold of the Holy flower orb. However, she was unable to activate it and lured the Papillon Senshi to her lair to do so. Her fate after the final chapter is unknown.

Powers Edit


The world's sexual energyEdit

Trivia Edit

  • She is never referred with her full name. All the manga chapters refer to her as Regina.
  • Her character profile gives her full name as Regina Avis.