Rama (ONA)
Rama settei
Vital statistics
Position Supporting character
Age Unknown
Status Probably deceased
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Measurements Unknown Unknown Unknown

Rama is the supporting character of the Papillon Rose ONA series. She was Queen Flora's pet cat.

Appearance Edit

Rama is a dark purple cat with brown eyes. She has a pink butterfly mark on her forehead and a pink condom on her tail.

Personality Edit

Not much of her personality is known, but she seems to be an adviser for the Papillon Senshi.

ONA Bio Edit

Rama first appeared in the first night when she found Tsubomi at her work, telling her that she was Papillon Rose. In the 11th night, she explains to Tsubomi and her friends about Flora, the sleeping queen. In the 16th night, she recaps on what the Papillon Senshi were up to so far.

Trivia Edit

  • A sound bit of Rama existed on the original website but was taken down when the site closed. It remains lost to this day.