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Papillon Violet

(Mio Sadou)

Vital statistics
Position Supporting Character
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 169 centimetres
Weight 54 Kilograms
Measurements 92 cm 59 cm 92 cm

Appearance Edit

As Mio, her casual outfit isn't fully shown. An alternate lingerie outfit is shown in the manga cover artworks

Papillon Violet's manga design isn't depicted in any form.

Manga Bio Edit

Mio is a former prostitute and the manager and of the Purple Gardens, a high class club of Kabuki Butterfly. There are rumours that she has connections to the political world. During the fight against the Dinasty's three heavenly queens, she interrupts the battle by attacking the enemies producing a thick fog, thus making their defeat easier. She reveals to the Papillon soldiers her identity and informs them to confess their feelings of love so that their flower orbs reach their maximum power levels. During the final battle agains Regina, she is rendered useless after being held still by Meine Liebe.

Powers Edit


Violet Orgasm Power, Make Up


Violetta Purple Haze

Trivia Edit

  • It can be assumed her casual outfit is the long gown she wears in the web series, as her character image is seen wearing an outfit with very similar neck top.
  • Unlike the webseries and every other incarnation of the concept, Violet is the original soldier with the winter flower orb. In the other incarnations she is either Regina Apis having stolen Papillon Dhalia's flower orb to prevent Flora's awakening (web series) or an irregular cocky soldier without a flower orb (Rebuild series).