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Papillon Violet (ONA)
Vio settei
Vital statistics
Position supporting character and villian
Age Unknown
Status deceased
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Measurements Unknown Unknown Unknown

Papillon Violet, also known as Mio, is a supporting character and villian in the Papillon Rose ONA series.


As Mio, she has long straight purple hair and wears a pink oriental outfit with purple lining. She wears light purple stockings with light purple shoes. As Papillon Violet, she wears a purple bikini top and a white belly cloth except lined with purple and a one sided purple back ribbon.


Papillon Violet seems to be the big sister and the wise one for the other Papillon Senshi.

ONA Bio Edit

Papillon Violet first appears in the twelth night as Mio, the one who runs the Purple Gardens pub, she transforms into Papillon V when the girls cannot stand up to their power against Sister Melitta. Mio then reveals to the girls that she is Papillon V (Otherwise known as Violet) in the 13th night when she unleashed the power of her secret shrine in front of Tsubomi, Shizuku, and Anne. In the 14th night, it is revealed that she slept with Hikaru, which makes Tsubomi upset. In the 20th night, She goes with the other Papillon Senshi into G point, later dying by protecting Tsubomi from the Ice spears. She comes back in the 23rd night and defeats Papillon Lily. In the 24th night, she reveals herself as Regina Apis as she stands along with a brainwashed Hikaru. She later dies as Regina Apis in the 25th night, as she is defeated by Papillon Rose's Rose Pinkish Viagra.

Trivia Edit

  • As Papillon V, it is said that she has connections to the political world

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Papillon Violet Sound Bit

Papillon Violet Sound Bit