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Papillon Margarette (Shizuku)
Mag settei
Vital statistics
Position Main Character
Age 18
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 159 centimetres
Weight 46 Kilograms
Measurements 80 cm 56 cm 87 cm

Appearance Edit

Papillon Margarette's outfit was consisted with a yellow bikini top and thong, along with a white corset tied with a orange, one-sided back ribbon. The corset connected to a long loin cloth with a golden pattern and a orange daisy printed on it. She wore light yellow knee high stockings with yellow garter belts and yellow and white shoes, as well as transparent puffy sleeves. Her accessories were a yellow choker with a charm hanging and orange ribbons.

ONA Bio Edit

Papillon Margarette first appears in the fourth night as Shizuku, who Tsubomi introduces the Papillon Pub to. She is then introduced to Marilyn, a transvestite by Tsubomi and becomes reborn as a pub hostess. She sleeps with Hikaru Shishio, and her autumn flower orb is activated, thus making her able to transform into Papillon Margarette.

The next nights, Shizuku is helping Tsubomi with her battles against the Dinasty. She is captured by Sister Pchela when she uses a fake Papillon Rose to run amock in Kabuki Butterfly, and is saved by Papillon Rose and Papillon Lily.

In a later night, she is visited by Queen Flora in her sleep.

In the final battle against the Alveare troops, she defeats the illusion barrie of the main Alveare but is killed in her suicide attack. Her flower orb is reawakened during Rose's final battle to give its strength to Papillon Rose.

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Sound BitEdit

Papillon Margarette Sound Bit-0

Papillon Margarette Sound Bit-0