This page talks about the manga version of Papillon Margarette, for other versions of this character, please see the characters page.

Papillon Margarette

(Shizuku Ashinaka)

Vital statistics
Position Main Character
Age 18
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 159 centimetres
Weight 46 Kilograms
Measurements 80 cm 56 cm 87 cm


As Shizuku, she wears the Saint Clitoris girls academy costume. Her hair is short and she wears round glasses. An alternate outfit is shown to be a long dress covering a leotard tied with a ribbon around her neck.

Papillon Margerette's design consists of a blue bikini top with stripes and a matching thong, along with a white belly cloth tied with a blue, one-sided back ribbon. The belly cloth connects to a long loin cloth with a golden pattern and a blue daisy printed on it. She wears light blue knee high stockings with blue garterbelts and blue slippers, as well as light blue gloves and transparent puffy sleeves. She wears butterfly shaped earings, a blue chocker with a golden coin with a sculpted daisy mark, white clip holders to the puffy sleeves and light blue ankle clips. Her hair are tied symmetrically with single bows on her bangs' sides with a long blue ribbon.

Manga Bio Edit

Shizuku is a 3rd year senior in Saint Clitoris girls academy, Tsubomi's classmate and the class's best pupil. Surprised after finding her masturbating in the academy's bathroom, Tsubomi introduces her to the "Papillon" pub as a trainee waitress. In the next night, Rama activates the Summer flower orb within Shizuku's body when Papillon Rose and Papillon Lily are in a pinch. It is later revealed that she slept with Hikaru to activate her flower orb and even implies that she wants to form a relationship with him, which upsets Tsubomi. After defeating the Heavenly Queens with Violet's help, she joins the fight in Regina's Lair.

Powers Edit


Margarette Orgasm Power, Make Up


Marguerite Guarana Fantasy

Trivia Edit

  • It is implied that she had already reached her maximum power level before Lily and Rose, as her masturbation habit prevented her from forming emotions for another person.
  • Unlike the webseries and every other incarnation of the concept, Margarette has the summer flower orb instead of the autumn flower orb.