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Papillon Lily


Lily settei
Vital statistics
Position Main Character
Age 20
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 166 centimetres
Weight 54 Kilograms
Measurements 105 cm 60 cm 91 cm

Papillon Lily, also known as Anne, is one of the main and supporting characters of the Papillon Rose ONA series.

Appearance Edit

Papillon Lily's outfit was consisted with a navy bikini top and thong, along with a white corset tied with a blue, one-sided back ribbon. The corset connected to a long loin cloth with a golden pattern and a blue lily printed on it. She wore light blue knee high stockings with light blue garter belts and navy and white shoes, as well as transparent puffy sleeves. Her accessories were a navy choker with a charm hanging and a spring-like headband.

ONA Bio Edit

Papillon Lily appears early as Tsubomi's best friend and fellow pub hostess. She keeps an affair with the pub manager, which Tsubomi frequently uses to blackmail him. In the 8th night, while Papillon Margarette is kidnapped by Sister Pchela, Rama finds the summer flower orb in Anne's secret shrine and activates it. She transforms into Papillon Lily and rescues Papillon Rose and Margarette.In the 10th night, she along with Tsubomi and Shizuku go to an party, only to find out that it is a orgy. She later learns from Rama about Queen Flora, the woman who once ruled the sex industry. She finds out that Mio is Papillon V in the 13th night. In the 14th night, it is revealed that she slept with Hikaru when she told Tsubomi, causing her to become upset. She later helps out in the 15th night in the battle against Sister Abeille when Tsubomi and Dandy Lion were stuck. In the 20th night, she goes along with the other papillon senshi to G Point, later finding a mirror that is said to illuminate the holy flower orb. In the 21st night, she obtains the mirror along with her friends through the power of their holy flower orbs. Papillon Lily later finds out that Papillon Violet dies, and looks after Rose's back door virginity, as told by Papillon Margarette. She later fights Papillon Violet, and is dies by trying tell Tsubomi about Papillon Violet. In the 25th night, Papillon Lily's spirit awakens and defeats Regina Apis along with Rose Pinkish Viagra.

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Papillon Lilly Sound Bit

Papillon Lilly Sound Bit