Papillon Cosmos, or Rubi, is a character in the Papillon Rose series who appears in the G movie, and the Rebuild Series.

Papillon Cosmos (G)
Cosmos settei
Vital statistics
Age Unknown
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Measurements Unknown Unknown Unknown

Personality Edit

Rubi is a shy girl who speaks broken Japanese, since she is from the Philippines since she came to japan through slave trading.

Story Edit

She first appears in G as a sad Filipina girl who came to Japan through slave trading. She works as a street vendor under the orders of Hydra and Hydrus, selling Pig Ear snacks in the Kabuki Butterfly. She later becomes upset though when Lily tries to communicate with her in English. Later, it is revealed that she is working for Hydra, who wants to take over the world's lust.

Powers Edit

Transformation: Cosmos orgasm power, erection!

Kill Technique: Cosmic Virgin Again!

Trivia Edit

  • Papillon Cosmos is a parody to the characters that are the senshi of destruction. An example of this would be Sailor Saturn from Sailor Moon.
  • She has two masters.
  • Her speech is completely written in katakana. Katakana is an alphabet used by the Japanese mostly for pronouncing foreign words.
  • She does not like Japanese people too much, as she thinks they are greedy and dirty. That changes towards the end though, when she thanks Papillon Rose.
  • Papillon Cosmos's original sound bite was provided by Kara Dennison, an overseas Papillon Rose fan who sent an audition for the G climax audition call. It was later reported that Shinji Tobita was very surprised and pleased with the overseas people's overall positive response to Papillon Rose.
  • Her voice selection of an overseas source can be viewed as a play on her character's origins being of a different country than Japan.