54422 original
1st Night – The Battle Panties wearing Gal and the STD
After the battle to the death with Regina, Tsubomi and her friends have been living their lives obsessing over nothing but sex. At the Kabuki Butterfly a puzzling STD is spreading due to a virus weapon belonging to the Gel Dynasty, an organisation lead by Shiorinite. Tsubomi is in a relationship with one of her customers who she sleeps with while wearing her battle panties, a handsome young man called Razy Minowa. At that moment, a transvestite named Da Gi Condyloma (Dajiko) is continuing the plan to spread the new strain of the virus at the Kabuki Butterfly. Tsubomi is attacked by a sudden bout of dizziness and collapses to the floor due to the unknown illness. Margarette and Lily face a hard time as neither of their special attacks are effective. Tsubomi recovers from the illness and after obtaining new powers she transforms in Papillon Rose once again!
Today's Highlight

Rose and the other soldiers are in real trouble when they face the militant transvestite group! At that moment a stream of white semen cuts through the air. Is that Dandy? But isn’t he supposed to be dead?!

2nd Night – That Girl’s Another Tsubomi
Tsubomi spends a night in a cheap Love Hotel with Razy. Tsubomi notices as a little girl suddenly crawls onto the bed and shoots her with a stun gun. The child smiles at the furious Tsubomi and informs her, “My name’s Tsubomi, you know.” Later, Tsubomi finds the same girl waiting outside her workplace. The girl reveals that she in fact Tsubomi’s daughter. She says that she’s come from the future and that “Thanks to you sleeping around with loads of guys, I have no idea who my father is. I’m gonna find out who he is myself.” Tsubomi thinks the girl is nuts and drags her to a mental hospital.
54736 original

At that moment, Dajiko attacks the Kabuki Butterfly again! Tsubomi leaves the mental hospital and is caught up in the battle. She ends up in trouble just like before, but who are these two shadowy soldiers?

Today's Highlight

Three new characters appear today! Kotsubomi, and the silhouettes of the two mysterious Papillon Soldiers. It seems they are going to be involved deeply with the developments from here on out.

3rd Night – Margarette’s Second Awakening

54982 original
Shizuku really hates her mannerisms so she buys a love drug from Razy. When she wakes up from a really strong drugged-up trip Shizuku awakens with new powers. Shizuku develops a silicone sensor using some very strange text books she got from a second hand book shop. They improve the reaction to silicone used in plastic surgery.

At the same time a new hostess joins the Papillon Pub. The girl is bigger and bouncier than even Anne. The silicone sensor starts reacting violently, so Shizuku realises that the new hostess is a member of the Gel Dynasty. Dajiko reveals her true form, takes the hostesses prisoner and won’t let them leave the Papillon Pub. Rose and Lily are unable to do anything but they are saved by the powered-up Margarette and her special attack.

Today's Highlight

Margarette’s transformation and special attack scene get renewed! With the scene when Shizuku faints in agony after the drugged up trance caused by Razy’s medicine, there are lots of highlights today!

4th Night – The Girl Who’s Fingers Lure You In
Cases of SM Queens disappearing have been occurring one after another. Shizuku uses some bogus FBI psychic investigation and some dodgy psychometrics to reveal that the culprit is a short transvestite in her teens working on the inside. Tsubomi is also carrying out measures to strike while the iron is hot and understand the culprit’s motivations as well as find the next woman in her late teens who is the likely next target.
55140 original

At that time, the information bureau is holding a meet and greet with a charismatic Queen who teases her clients without using sex toys, only her fingertips. Tsubomi, Anne and Shizuku go to meet her and they meet the charismatic Queen, Ushio. Just as they are trying to analyse her, Dajiko appears and attacks Ushio, the next target! Just as Tsubomi and the others are about to transform, Ushio’s chest starts to suddenly glow. Ushio is Papillon Dalia, the soldier who holds the Winter Flower Orb!

Today's Highlight

Finally Papillon Dalia makes her first appearance. The Heaven’s Finger attack that Dalia fires along with Rose’s power finally kills Dajiko!

5th Night – Bouncy-chan’s Agonising Days
55451 original
Anne is agonising over why she is the only soldier who hasn’t powered up. Tsubomi is a bimbo who sleeps with guys she doesn’t love and Shizuku declares that her right hand is her lover. It’s said that even Ushio won’t let her customers lay a finger on her. Like this, even though Anne sleeps around with lots of random guys there’s no sign at all that she’ll power up… 

Anne is tired out after playing around all day and all night, so she is given some medicine that’ll strengthen her spiritual energy right up by the dealer, Razy. At that time, the new member of the Gel Dynasty, Chūn Lin is scattering gonorrhea in the new rooms at the Kabuki Butterfly.

Anne transforms but she’s in trouble when she’s attacked due to a reaction to the medicine which means she can’t move. At that moment something hot wells up in Anne’s chest. At last she obtains her new powers!

Today's Highlight

This time, out of all the Papillon Soldiers, it was Lily’s turn to power up! This episode is loaded up with pervy scenes and there’s a ton of nudity ★

6th Night – The Determined Lost Virgin?
55709 original
The new Gel Dynasty member Chūn Lin’s powers are beyond belief. The Papillon Soldiers intend to hold a meeting to come up with a new secret plan but before long it degenerates into a slagging match. Kotsubomi watches from the sidelines, utterly amazed.

Late one night, Kotsubomi heads towards a room in a hotel. In there a man and a woman are waiting. Pushing in opposite the couple, Kotsubomi informs them firmly, “Call him here.” Kotsubomi spends the night with the male prostitute that the couple had ordered. The next morning, Kotsubomi asks him his name. The male prostitute replies with a smile, “Razy.”

Chūn Lin attacks the Kabuki Butterfly again and a new soldier appears, standing in between the two mysterious soldiers. Her name is Papillon Petite Rose. A new Papillon Soldier is born.

Today's Highlight

The secret behind the Papillon Soldiers’ reawakening is revealed! Contrary to expectations, it wasn’t Razy sleeping with Kotsubomi; instead the truth is that Razy’s drugs are the cause of the reawakening.

7th Night – Treacherous New Faces
In order to find the Gel Dynasty’s headquarters, Tsubomi and her friends pretend to be transvestites and sneek in as show girls. Tsubomi and her friends are surprised by the dance skills of the transvestites, are absolutely crushed by how entertaining they are and yet again end up feeling jealous. Through attending the difficult classes Tsubomi and the others become friends with one of the other new girls, a transvestite named Stephanie.

However, the other transvestites discover that Tsubomi and her friends really are female and they are captured. Stephanie tries to save Tsubomi, Shizuku, Anne and Ushio but the Susukino Faction Papillon Soldiers get the wrong idea and so they kill her. Tsubomi and the others violently disagree with Petite Rose’s group’s way of doing things…

56037 original
Today's Highlight

The mysterious Papillon Soldiers call themselves the Susukino Faction Papillon Soldiers, Adonis and Lupinus. They refuse to fight together with Rose and her friends.

8th Night – Searching For A Strong Symbol
56287 original
Tsubomi, ever the sexual trailblazer, suffers an honourable defeat in her attempts to pick up a handsome young man called Futanari. Tsubomi wants to get her hands on Futanari no matter what so she finds out where “he” works. Anne, Shizuku and Ushio are invited to the club where Futanari works by Tsubomi and are shocked to find out that it’s a lesbian bar! There they meet an enigmatic, beautiful lady by the name of Mitsuzuki and become friends with her. Apparently, Futanari is saving up money to go towards a sex change operation…

At that time, the regular hosts at the club where Futanari works fall ill one after another. Futanari and Mitsuzuki think this is suspicious and work out who is making the club and its’ Miss Dandies suffer. However, Futanari, Tsubomi and the others are caught in Chūn Lin’s trap and are trapped in the club. Tsubomi has no choice but to transform into Papillon Rose in front of Futanari and Mitsuzuki

Today's Highlight

Adonis’ and Lupinus’ transformation scenes make their first appearance. The sight of the masculine Futanari transforming into a beautiful lady is very erotic and has become famous even amongst enthusiasts.

9 th Night – The Animal-like Woman
Tsubomi and her friends decide to stalk Futanari. They sneak into the strip club that she visits every day. There they see the Queen of the bestiality show, Mitsuzuki. 

Mitsuzuki, the daughter of a rich business family, had spent humiliating days selling herself in a strip theatre when her father went bankrupt. At the time she was comforting herself by performing acts with animals she met Futanari and they became inseparable.

The pair of them tell Tsubomi and her friends to stop transforming into Papillon Soldiers and fighting. At that moment, the snake from the big snake show is infected with a virus and attacks the audience! Tsubomi and her friends transform into Papillon Soldiers but are treated as “nuisances” by Petite-Rose, Adonis and Lupinus. As the soldiers quarrel Ume’s attacks Lupinus!

Adonis protects her, and…

56329 original
Today's Highlight

This tells the love story of how Futanari and Mitsuzuki first got to know each other. Lupinus is enraged by the sight of Adonis being injured and so attacks with her Summon Beasts. Tsubomi and her friends are surprised by how powerful she is.

10th Night – Her and Her Blind Love
56725 original
Tsubomi and her friends go to Futanari’s club but they are told that she has had an accident and is in hospital. Tsubomi and the others buy a double headed vibrator as a present for Futanari and go to see how she is. Shizuku sees Futanari’s injury and remembers the injury Adonis got in 9th Night. 

Shizuku throws quick-fire questions at Tsubomi Millionaire-style and but Tsubomi puts up a good fight and uses up her Lifelines. While Shizuku asks “Final answer?” and they are doing other pointless things Ume Chinkuji freely attacks the Kabuki Butterfly.

Petite-Rose and Lupinus fight a one-sided battle to protect the injured Adonis. Rose and the other soldiers activities somehow kill the enemy. Adonis thanks Rose but she still refuses to fight together with them. As Adonis turns to leave Tsubomi calls out “Futanari-san!”

Today's Highlight

In the scene where Tsubomi goes to an adult shop to buy lesbian sex toys lots of different kinds of sex toys make an appearance.

11th Night – Don’t Do It With Papa!
57023 original
Tsubomi has been continuing her FWB relationship with Razy. Kotsubomi is following Tsubomi around as usual and begins to suspect that Razy might be her father. By chance one day Kotsubomi and Razy end up alone together and go on a date in the park. While talking together Kotsubomi feels affection for Razy, due to her own circumstances and finding out that Razy is searching for his own missing mother. Then Razy confesses that the first girl he ever fell in love with was Tsubomi. Hearing this, Kotsubomi is certain that Razy is her father.

A woman calling herself Shiori appears in front of Kotsubomi and Razy. Razy sees Shiori’s face and flees.

Today's Highlight

Kotsubomi has realised that Razy is her father, but what is she doing with a Solingen knife in her hand? She’s supposed to have come from the future to meet her father, so why on earth is she doing this?!

12th Night – The Shocking Coming Out!
Futanari and Mitsuzuki appear in front of Tsubomi and her friends. They transform into Papillon Adonis and Papillon Lupinus in front of Tsubomi and challenge the girls to a fight. Tsubomi and her friends refuse to fight, so Adonis explains to them about the horrific plans of the Gel Dynasty.

The leader of the Gel Dynasty, Chlamydia is apparently trying to completely control all sexual desire by eradicating every single woman in the sex industry. Also, Chlamydia does not have a physical body and in order to get one, she is aiming for the Flower Orb that Kotsubomi holds, the Rosetta Pearl. 

At that time, Shiori appears before Kotsubomi again and tells her that she is Razy’s mother. Kotsubomi goes to search for Razy so he and Shiori can meet again but Ume Chinkuji appears before her!

57163 original
Today's Highlight

The duel between the fellow Papillon Soldiers was supposed to be a mud wrestling match that was made up of three parts 30 minutes long, but due to time restraints it was televised in an abridged version. Now don’t you go forgetting the fan-service scene where they get their clothes ripped off!

13th Night – Tragedy! The Doomed Little Girl
57461 original
Shiorinite has found out that Petite Rose’s true identity is Kotsubomi. In order to get her hands on the Rosetta Pearl, she once again approaches Kotsubomi as Razy’s mother. Tsubomi and her friends hear about Kotsubomi’s crisis from Razy so they hide Kotsubomi at the Pony Hill Kindergarten. But Kotsubomi really wants to reunite Razy with his mother so she sneaks out of the kindergarten and goes to see him. But Razy warns her, “That woman isn’t my mother. Don’t go see her again.”

However Kotsubomi still meets Shiori again and tells her about how stubborn Razy is, but just then Adonis and Lupinus appear before her. They reveal that Shiori is really one of the leaders of the Gel Dynasty, Shiorinite!

Having had her true identity revealed, Shiori grabs Kotsubomi and…

Today's Highlight

Kotsubomi has been kidnapped by Shiorinite! Her body is stolen by the leader of the Gel Dynasty, Chlamydia!

14th Night – Chlamydia Who Came From The Darkness
Tsubomi and her friends search for Kotsubomi but they have no idea where she is. At that time the Gel Dynasty’s aggressive attack on the Kabuki Butterfly is steadily continuing. Chlamydia has taken over Kotsubomi’s body, and she welcomes a new awakening of taking the bodies of real women. 

Chlamydia appears before the Papillon Soldiers and her powers are beyond belief. For some reason Adonis and Lupinus prevent Rose and her friends from attacking. Adonis and Lupinus let them know that Chlamydia’s full and mature body is in fact Kotsubomi’s body. However, Tsubomi had not thought of Kotsubomi as her own daughter.

She loudly declares that they have no choice but to sacrifice Kotsubomi in order to save the Kabuki Butterfly!

57835 original
Today's Highlight

Kotsubomi has been reborn as the voluptuous bodied Chlamydia. This bondage outfit wearing lady who has received great praise from the masochistic gentlemen throughout the country is a must see!

15th Night – A True Account! The Girls Within The Thorns
58089 original
The second Dandy Lion who always watches over the Papillon Soldiers from the shadows looks back over the clichéd story so far.

This is a cheap recap episode with about one minute of new footage.

Today's Highlight

Due to the scene when Dandy Lion takes off his cosplay outfit and has a shower there were many strange reports of women all over the country fainting in front of their TVs.

16th Night - The Son of the Golden Orb-Web Spider
58130 original
It is revealed the Razy is Chlamydia’s son. Chlamydia suggests that if she were to return her body to Kotsubomi it would mean that she would return to her original era. When Razy’s violently protests Chlamydia starts to reveal embarrassing stories from the past, such as the face Razy didn’t stop wetting the bed until he was 12 years old. Razy begs her to stop while wailing but Chlamydia says, “Then agree with me!”

Annoyed by Chlamydia’s wily way of doing things, Tsubomi shouts at the top of her voice, “You, apologise now!” Tsubomi suggests that if she apologises then consequently Razy would return to his own original era. When Razy’s violently protests but Chlamydia starts to reveal embarrassing stories from Razy’s past. Razy begs her to stop while wailing but Chlamydia says… (and so on)

Today's Highlight

This novel episode stands out for having the same joke on an infinite loop for 30 minutes. However, cases have occurred of one group of fans sending messages to the production company on used tissues saying “You’re just taking cheap shortcuts!” and this is becoming a social problem.

17th Night – The Admired Unfaithful Heroine
Razy speaks about his feelings for Tsubomi. In order to save Kotsubomi, he decides to return to his mother Chlamydia’s era and informs Tsubomi that he’s breaking up with her. Having lost Razy, Tsubomi realises her feelings towards him for the first time. 

Tsubomi regrets the things which she has only now just realised and becomes depressed. For some reason she shuts herself into a closet. The Papillon Soldiers desperately try to encourage her but Tsubomi won’t come out. Exhausted by trying to persuade her to come out, the Papillon Soldiers start to moan about Tsubomi. From inside Tsubomi shouts her objections to their debate group entitled “Discussing Tsubomi’s Idiocity.” The Papillon Soldiers keep encouraging Tsubomi to respond seriously to their joke, but still she won’t come out. The truth is that the door was just broken and in the end they were able to wrench it open using a ball-like object.

58496 original
Today's Highlight

Simply due to one group of people who despise erotic parodies and people telling tall tales in our society, Papillon Rose failed to get the mysterious recommendation of being a literary-level program.

18th Night – The Little Girl Who Bears the Cross of Death
58854 original
Adonis explains Kotsubomi’s secret. In the future the red light district has been infected with a virus and the transvestites are in control. But more than that, she tells them that the future Tsubomi has been infected by the virus and she sleeps in a frozen state. Kotsubomi knows that Tsubomi caught the virus off Kotsubomi’s own father. Kotsubomi went back in time to the past (the present day) to save her mother, Tsubomi, by killing her father. 

Killing your father in the past means that you would erase your own existence. Tsubomi is shocked by Kotsubomi’s decision to protect her mother in exchange for her own life. The Papillon Soldiers are moved to tears and the sight of Tsubomi crying and this display of beautiful mother-child love. However, the reason behind Tsubomi’s tears is that at the time she was shocked, she wet herself just a bit and felt that was a pretty pathetic thing to do.

Today's Highlight

At last Kotsubomi’s mystery is made clear! Amongst the television audience, their impression of Kotsubomi changed and she gained many more fans. The original creator Ai Hanazono-sensei was presented with an uncensored porny picture of Kotsubomi and she was absolutely overwhelmed and delighted.

19th Night – Teach Us, Master Satisfaction
All of a sudden Shiorinite starts to attack the Papillon Soldiers with a mysterious moe-type song. However the Papillon Soldiers easily fight back. On top of that, they tease Shironite by shouting, “Your time’s up!” “Your Dad’s a masochist!” “Shabby expensive goods!”

Shiorinite asks Chlamydia for new powers but there is a flash of light and what appears in her hands is a single scrap of paper with the words “At last you’re gonna die! >>Shiorinite” written on it. Shiorinite is in a frenzy and using all of her energy she attacks again but just as before she is beaten back. Physically and mentally worn-out, Shiorinite looks back to her glory in the past and weeps. And with just the word “Ciao” she takes her last breath. The Papillon Soldier’s take Shiorinite’s body and chuck it out a window.

Today's Highlight

A group of sick otakus, who are fans of a certain Gal Game, and who were introduced to the scene where Shironite reminisces over her golden era as she is dying, thought the scene was based of one from the game. Another disgusting scene is when something is suggested to be on a Dakimakura.

20th Night – The Dark Focus tears apart the Neon
59063 original
Chlamydia tries to make her most terrible venereal virus complete. She waits for the final stage which will give her the means to absorb the body of Razy, who was born carrying anti-bodies against the virus. Adonis and Lupinus tell Rose to be prepared to die as they are facing the final, decisive battle.

The other Papillon Soldiers are together determined to fight, but Tsubomi alone yells out her protests. The soldiers draw close to Tsubomi, but she doesn’t try to tell them her reasons. Adonis asked her what was going on, the she realises what Tsubomi is getting at and declares to her, “Little girls who reek of piss should go home and go change their diapers!”

Hearing this everyone notices the stain on Tsubomi’s panties. Absolutely dumbfounded, the Soldiers leave Tsubomi behind and head off to fight the decisive battle.

Today's Highlight

There are female fans that sympathise with our heroine who has damp stains on her panties. Their opinions have in three months on the internet opened up and surpassed opinions of saying in her case they would either lie or not know what to do.

21st Night – The Enraged Son! Also, an Uprising
64456 original
Knowing just how determined Chlamydia is, as she is a woman who would go as far as to try to steal her son’s life to further her own ambitions, Razy makes a plan to kill his mother with the virus. Meanwhile, Tsubomi, who has been abandoned, is inspired by some simple rap lyrics and begins to chase after the others. Going towards Chlamydia’s era, once more a moe-type song reaches the Papillon Soldier’s ears. At the same time, the soldiers are hit one after another in a surprise attack by someone. That someone turns out to be the new opponent sent by Chlamydia, Shiorinite’s younger sister, Hikarinite. The Papillon Soldiers are completely at the mercy of Hikarinite, who gives off an incredibly strong body odour. However, all of a sudden Tsubomi arrives and gives an on-the-spot commentary of what’s going on. Hikarinite has her body odour pointed out to her so she flies at Tsubomi and shouts, “If you call someone an idiot, you’re the real idiot!”
Today's Highlight

Rumours are spreading that the Hollywood film director Stephen Spielberg has acquired the rights to turn Papillon Rose into a film.

22nd Night – His True Identity is Revealed Once More! Resolution Draws Near
Rose is struggling against Hikarinite’s vicious attack, but Dandy saves her. Dandy thrusts Rose’s stained panties at Hikarinite. Hikarinite’s spirit is weakened by the smell of the stains. As well as that he thrusts a letter written to “Father” at her and orders her to stop.

Hikarinite reports to Chlamydia that this letter in fact belongs to Razy’s mother. Chlamydia becomes absolutely furious, as she realises that Dandy’s true identity is Razy and that once again he is aiming to assassinate her using the virus.

Razy teams up with Rose and the others to face the battle to destroy his own mother.

64680 original
Today's Highlight

Finally, the story too reaches climax as the Papillon Soldiers face the final, decisive battle. Taking advantage again of the controversial joke about stained panties, used high school girl panties have become extremely popular.

23rd Night – A Love that Transcends Gender
65010 original
Chlamydia is fed up. She takes the dead remains of Shiorinite and Hikarinite and quickly fries then in oil, prepares them by flavouring them with salt, pepper, mirin and two teaspoons of Awamori, and eats them with a side of Mojioroshi. And at that point, the two new opponents, the Memorinite Sisters are born!!

Smooth and slender after plastic surgery, the Memorinite Sisters, who were reborn with beautiful female genitalia, attack the Papillon Soldiers! In order to protect Rose, Adonis and Lupinus are infected with the virus! On the verge of death, the image of these two women who love each other really is a symbol of love that transcends gender!

However, the Papillon Soldiers shout, “Ew! Unclean, unclean!” and quickly abandon the pair. And finally they struggle along to reach Chlamydia’s lair, it seems as if the final battle is about to begin.

Today's Highlight

As you’d expect, just as if was rumoured amongst fans who thought the “Shiorinite - Hikarinite” joke was rather awesome, a certain game company accused us of breeching copyright laws. Originally, it seems it was planned that there would be three sisters, the youngest would have been called Yukkonite.

Translator's Note: "Mojioroshi" - A mixture of grated daikon and carrot "A Certain Game Company" - A likely reference to Konami, the makers of the Tokimeki Memorial game series "Yukkonite" - A likely reference to Yukiko Makihara, from Tokimeki Memorial 3

24th Night – Ooooh! The Queen Descends
Chlamydia’s fierce attack is incredibly powerful! The Papillon Soldiers’ powers are used up! Chlamydia knocks down Rose, who acts stupid by bouncing her pert breasts and tweaking her nipples. 

Chlamydia is about to deliver the finishing blow to Rose when all of a sudden her hand stops in mid air! This is because Razy had stolen back the Rosetta Pearl from Chlamydia! Chlamydia is driven out of Kotsubomi’s body so she tenaciously takes over Razy’s body for herself, becomes one with the virus and transforming into the final form of Chlamydia!

The honest and stubborn soldiers, Margarette, Lily and Dahlia entrust their Flower Orbs to Rose and pass away. Rose accepts the Flower Orbs and reluctantly holds the Holy Flower Orb above her head, transforming to Papillon Flora!

65212 original
Today's Highlight

The person who was in charge of Papillon Flora’s character design was the original creator Ai Hanazono-sensei. As she was apparently extremely interested in the production of the anime series, it’s great that she wilfully wrote the lyrics to the opening theme, however because she used too many obscene expressions, we were unable in the end to use them.

25th Night – Love Saves Us from Shame!
The legendary SM Queen Flora and Chlamydia’s grand battle is an even match. Kotsubomi decides to welcome her own death along with the death of Chlamydia, so she transforms in Papillon Petite Rose and unleashes the power of her own Rosetta Pearl. 
65592 original

Rose and Petite Rose’s combined attack directly hits Chlamydia’s butt hole which has grown enormously to black hole proportions. Chlamydia yields to their power and is finally killed.

Tsubomi rushes over to Kotsubomi, who is lying down in tears. Even though her father’s existence has been erased, for some reason Kotsubomi is alive.

The Flower Orbs are returned to the Papillon Soldiers and they are revived, even Lupinus and Adonis. All of them are worried whether Kotsubomi is still alive or not. 

Tsubomi realises something!! Tsubomi is questioned by the others and reveals to Anne in secrecy that she’d had an affair with the Papillon Pub Manager as well.

The soldiers watch on appalled as a cat fight breaks out between Tsubomi and Anne, who is furious. Kotsubomi, Futanari and Mitsuzuki are
65386 original
disgusted and say three times “We didn’t save you,” before returning to the future.

And so once more a lewd sort of peace returns to the red light district…

The End

Today's Highlight It was decided by the creators to end the Papillon Rose series that has held men and women, young and old captive all over the country. The expectation was for the continuation to be “Papillon Rose S,” then “Papillon Rose SS” and after that “Papillon Rose Frotters.” Their next series
66023 original
was to be a mysterious project called “Shinshuku Byubbyu~” but when this was announced it caused a massive revolt amongst the fans and was scrapped.