Lingerie Soldier Papillon Rose Original Sound track is the first complete soundtrack CD produced for the Papillon Rose web series.

Produced by Kuri-Zill, it includes 5 vocal tracks, 2 karaoke tracks and 17 BGM songs.

The track "Sleep of Flora" is based on BuRiO's track "Flora" produced as part of the P/R sound lib.. BuRiO is given special credit in the CD booklet.

# Song Title  Arrangement / Performance
1 "Sleep of Flora" Kuri-Zill
2 "Renaissance" Kuri-Zill
3 "City of desire" Kuri-Zill
4 "Rose! Erection!" Kuri-Zill
5 "In the motel of outskirts" Kuri-Zill
6 "Little Evil" Kuri-Zill
7 "Margarette! Erection!" Kuri-Zill
8 "Lily! Erection!" Kuri-Zill
9 "Violet! Erection!" Kuri-Zill
10 "Blooming Flower bud" Kuri-Zill
11 "Attention!" Kuri-Zill
12 "Prayer of the Rose" Kuri-Zill /
Hikari Nakayama
13 "Crazy for you" Kuri-Zill /
Mahiru Sonoda
14 "Dinasty" Kuri-Zill
15 "Dhalia awakens" Kuri-Zill
16 "Preface~ Rosetta" Kuri-Zill
17 "Rosetta" Kuri-Zill /
Bouquet du Rose
18 "Everlasting Love" Kuri-Zill /
Bouquet du Rose
19 "Night Raid" Kuri-Zill
20 "Lustful night" Kuri-Zill
21 "To the scattering ones" Kuri-Zill
22 "Prayer of the saints" Kuri-Zill
23 "Memories" Kuri-Zill /
Mahiru Sonoda
24 "Renaissance (off vocal)" Kuri-Zill
25 "Rosetta (off vocal)" Kuri-Zill

"Rosetta (NES version)"(hidden track)