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Lingerie Senshi Papillon Rose R
Ranjeri Senshi Papiyon Roze R

Erotic, Adventure, magical girl, romance, comedy, drama, fantasy

Directed by

Toru Murakita


Pink Company


TV Chinpo

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Running time


Lingerie Senshi Papillon Rose R refers to the second "season" of the Papillon Rose webseries, supposedly broadcasted as a TV series.

Development Edit

Lingerie Senshi Papillon Rose R was reportedly a way for Shinji Tobita to refresh the Papillon Rose concept by introducing new character designs and original storylines. With the new concept, he created a new original story with character parodies from popular video games and elements from both the second and the third season of the Sailor Moon anime's formula. The concept, including storyline, plot, character profiles and soundtrack would be released through the second artbook "Lingerie Soldier Papillon Rose R: animation archives", and was treated as a TV anime, with episode highlights, references to TV ratings and the steadily growing fanbase due to the broadcast's success. It was also implied that the series wasn't based on the manga chapters but simply served as an animated continuation of the based-on-the-manga web series, approved by its original creator.

Plot Edit

The remnants of Dinasty have joined forces with the dark religious sect which divides the upper streams of the African Congo, Geldam, in order to form the self-titled militant transvestite group the Gel Dynasty. They have started to wipe out the hostesses in the sex industry by scattering venereal diseases. This is their horrific plan to rule over the idiotic masses with their transvestites.

Tsubomi has transformed once more into Papillon Rose and she and the other Papillons fight with the Gel Dynasty, but the Papillons’ powers don’t work against the transvestites as they don’t have vaginas. With new powers and allies at hand, Papillon Rose will knock the Gel Dynasty down to protect the peace and pussies of the sex industry! The transvestites raise their flag, and the Papillons will make them explode with Orgasm Power![1]

Episodes Edit

The episodes are listed in the "R animation archive" artbook as "nights". The official website briefly featured a story section for the "R" season in it's hidden updates for Papillon Rose G, but was never completed or published. List of episodes

Trivia Edit

  • A web promo video for the OVA was titled "papillonrose R promotion video". Despite that, it only featured unused scenes from the OVA and Rosetta as BGM, with no Papillon rose R elements except for the updated character designs.
  • Rama is absent in this season for unknown reasons.
  • It is so far the first and only storyline to be labelled with an R18 certificate, stated with an "18 prohibit" viewer notice in the artbook's story digest. All the other original Papillon rose storyline didn't have any prohibitions, while Rebuild is labelled with an R16 certification on its Circle Cut image for 2014's winter comiket.

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