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Lingerie Senshi Papillon Rose G
Ranjeri Senshi Papiyon Roze G

Erotic, Adventure, magical girl, romance, comedy, drama, fantasy

Directed by

Toru Murakita


Pink Company

Running time


Lingerie Senshi Papillon Rose G or G climax (as reffered before the title's unveiling) refers to the movie finale of the original incarnation of the series.

Summary Edit

A new threat has arrived on Earth, but will the Papillon soldiers be strong enough to defend against it? New allies appear as the Papillon soldiers face what could be their final battle.

Plot Edit

Detailed summary of the movie

Cast Edit

  • Tsubomi / Papillon Rose - Canari Kanzaki
  • Shizuku / Papillon Margarette - Maya Tsukinami
  • Anne / Papillon Lily - Sakurako
  • Ushio / Papillon Dhalia - Ruou Ryoki
  • Kotsubomi / Papillon Petit Rose - Mao Ishida
  • Futanari / Papillon Adonis - Jun'na Inoue
  • Mitsuzuki / Papillon Lupinous - Shia
  • Rubi / Papillon Cosmos - Kara Denisson
  • Hydra - Ryoko Aono

Staff Edit

  • Original Creator - Ai Hanazono
  • Production - Papillon Rose Production Board
  • Planning - Pink Company, Office F&O
  • Director - Toru Morakita
  • Character Design - Shinji Tobita
  • Music - P/R Sound lib.