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Lingerie Senshi Papillon Rose (web series)
Ranjeri Senshi Papiyon Roze

Erotic, Adventure, magical girl, romance, comedy, drama, fantasy

Directed by

Toru Murakita


Pink Company


TV Chinpo

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Lingerie Senshi Papillon Rose (Web Version) is the original version of the Papillon Rose series, as shown in the series' original website.

Development Edit

In late 2000, a website promoting a new "magical girl" anime was uploaded to the internet. I was stated that the concept was a "Sai***r Moon for adults" limited animation parody, with character designs that resembled existing characters from multiple series and a short promotional video with traced animations from other anime. The series was meant to be released in digital video format through the internet starting February 2001. Amateur net voice actors and producers were recruited to contribute to the series with character phrases, theme songs and vocals. The website was proven to be quite popular among the anime fanbase, even extending to overseas fans after its introduction in web forums.

English VersionEdit

Sometime before May 2001, a group of overseas fans contacted the creators of the website to receive permission for an English version of the Papillon Rose idea. Permission was granted and starting May 2001, a few episodes of an English version were eventually released as radio dramas.

For more information on the English version, please refer to Lingerie Soldier Papillon Rose (English dub).

Plot Edit

In the sex industry, an organisation by the name of "Dinasty" led by Regina Apis is trying to dominate over the world's ecstasy, vandalising the sex industry...
My name is Tsubomi (professional name), I'm an 18-year-old schoolgirl attending Saint Christoly Girls academy. I repeat my final school year... And at night I work on the lingerie pub "Papillon".
One casual day, I spent a night with Hikaru Shishio, the industry's number one host, and overnight, he planted his seed in my secret shrine.
Guided by Rama, the black cat, the seeds soon started blooming and my Papillon powers were awakened, making me able to transform into Papillon Rose and attacks the enemies.
Aided by the mysterious gent Dandy Lion and accompanied by Papillon Lily, Papillon Margarette and the legendary soldier Papillon Violet, the battle for the search of Queen Flora begins.[1]

Episodes Edit

The episodes of the original web series are listed as "nights" in the official website.

For specific episodes, please refer to List of Papillon Rose ONA summaries.

Trivia Edit

  • The term "ONA" was originally a play of the term "OVA", replacing "video" with "net", it was first used in the original updates of the site, and was adopted by the members of the Anime News Network website. Since then, the term is used by the western anime fandom for anime broadcasted or distributed through the internet for free. In the Japanese terminology, the equivalent term is "Web Anime"(Webアニメ). Interestingly, the 2014 reboot of Sailor Moon, Sailor Moon Crystal is classified as ONA.




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