This page talks about the manga incarnation of the character. For other versions, please go to the characters page.

Dandy Lion (Hikaru Shishio)
Vital statistics
Position Supporting Character
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 179 centimeters
Weight 72 centimeters
Measurements Not specified Not specified Not specified

Appearance Edit

As Hikaru, his casual outfit isn't fully shown.

Dandy Lion's manga design isn't depicted in any form.

Manga Bio Edit

Hikaru is a former male escort of the Kabuki Butterfly district, having the power to activate the holy flower orbs inside the girls' secret shrines. He joins Rama in activating the flower orbs. retrieving the holy flower orb and awakening the sleeping Queen Flora, who he is in love with since his previous life. After sleeping with Tsubomi, she falls in love with him and is angered when she discovers his skirt hunting tendency. He aids the Papillon Soldiers as Dandy Lion in their fight against Sister Melitta. When Papillon Violet encourages the Papillon Soldiers to confess their feelings of love, Tsubomi sleeps with him without confessing.

Powers Edit




Shishio's 45 hand technique

Trivia Edit

  • The top part of his casual outfit is a shirt with a bowtie.
  • It can be assumed that Hikaru could activate the Holy flower orb, however the final manga summary leaves it ambiguous.
  • He has no transformation phrase or sequence as he is just cosplaying.