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Ai Hamezono
Ai Hamezono's author avatar from the official website
Biographical information
Birthplace Sweden
Residence Osaka, Japan
Birthdate February 25 , unknown year
Age secret
Role in the series
Involvement (Supposed) Original creator of the franchise, involvement on almost all productions based on it.
Spouce(s) unnamed fiacee

Ai Hamezono, formerly nicknamed Ai Hanazono is a fictional manga writer, artist and the original author of the Lingerie Senshi Papillon Rose manga. Other mentioned works of her other than Papillon Rose are "Cherry Boy Hunter" and "Toyuuka Hamedaibu".


  • Her name was initially transliterated as "Ai Nazono" by the overseas anime fandom.
  • According to the original website and the Papillon rose archive, she received an excessive sexual education at a very young age from her family environment, which influenced her work greatly.
  • At high school and college, she contributed illustrations to "SM sniper" and "Ecchi Topia", two adult-themed magazines for male audiences.
  • Derti Matsumoto's "Female teacher butterfly" and "Overtaken without a fate" were her biggest inspirations for Papillon Rose.
  • Her working titles for Lingerie Soldier Papillon Rose were "The replacement superhero of Kabuki Butterfly's irregular" and "The research for Lingerie Soldier Papillon Rose's secret climax".
  • Her previous work "Cherry boy hunter" was accepted in the second round of Houmansha's Otome manga awards for amateur artists.
  • She was a big fan of "Gendai su Sumuno" during high school, which influenced her allusions for the genitalia in her works.
  • She wrote the prototype lyrics for Rennaissance, but they were rejected because she used many lewd expressions.
  • She designed Papillon Flora's outfit for the "R" animated series.
  • She was banned from Comiket for selling uncensored doujinshi.

Puns and AllusionsEdit

  • The pen name "Ai Hanazono" is literally translated as "Garden of Love".
  • In the rebuild series, her pen name is changed to "Ai Hamezono", which is translated as "Love of every kind".
  • She is an allusion to Naoko Takeuchi, the creator of the Sailor Moon franchise.
  • Her drawing style is a combo of elements from the mangas of Sailor Moon, Wedding Peach, Rose of Versailles and others.
  • Her author avatar image is colored with blonde hair and blue eyes in the Rebuild series theater brochure, reflecting her foreigner status. Foreign women are usually shown with blonde hair and blue eyes in anime.
  • Her first work, Cherry Boy Hunter, is a reference The Cherry Project, a manga created by Naoko Takeuchi. The rebuild brochure reveals a gist of its plot, revolving around the comedic mischiefs of Cherry, an amorous businesswoman, in her relationships with men.

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